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FreeCLX Community Project
Project summary

FreeCLX is the Open Source project for Borland's CLX Component Library for Linux. A Borland No-Nonsense licensed version of CLX is available in the Desktop and Server Editions of Kylix. A Borland Kylix compiler is required to build FreeCLX.

Patch submission

Here are the ground rules for patch submissions:

  1. All submissions must be in universal diff format (diff -u4). It must be clear what version of the file is the base for the diff.
    For example: diff -u4 original_file patched_file > filename.patch
    You may also use the cvs diff command.
  2. All submissions must be as small and targeted as possible. The larger the submission the more likely it will be rejected.
  3. All submissions should be independent of each other or explicitly state the dependencies. (That is, if patch two requires patch one, state so in the patch description).
  4. All submissions must be made through the SourceForge patch submission utility.
  5. When a submission is to be accepted it must be digitally signed by the submitter and include a waiver allowing Borland to ship the changes in with our proprietary license. When you are at the point of having your submission accepted we will contact you with more details.